Virginia HVAC Tradesman License, Contractor License

HVAC Training Virginia

HVAC Training Virginia

HVAC Training in Virginia

Federal law requires EPA 608 certification


Virginia requires all HVAC tradesmen to obtain a license:

• Journeyman
• Masters

Steps to obtain a license:
1. Obtain a license application from the State Board for Contractors:  3600 West Broad Street,
P. O. Box 11066, Richmond, VA 23230-1066
2. The Journeyman exam requires four years experience, and 240 hours of vocational school.  Each additional year of experience can be substituted for 80 hours of training.  An associate’s degree from an approved program and two years of experience or a bachelor’s degree and one year of experience also qualify.  With ten years of experience the vocational school is not required.  To qualify for the Master you need a journeyman’s and one year experience or ten years experience.  The license fee is $130.00
3. Schedule an exam with PSI Examination Services, 3210 E. Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV 89121,
(800) 733-9267, Fax: (702) 932-2666,  Exam fee is $80.00
4. The exam is 70 questions with a 3 hour time limit.  71% is required to pass the journeyman exam and 76% for the master exam

Contractor’s License.
1. Obtain a trade license above
2. Take the law exam, statutory and regulatory.
3. The exam is 10 questions, 30 minutes and 70% to pass.  Fee is $30.00
4. The exam is administered by PSI.
5. License is available in Class A, B, and C depending on the size and complexity of projects.

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