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Locating a Testing Site at Prometrics.

How to Schedule Your Exam … Where to Take the EPA 608 Exam Test
Prometric and others, offer testing for the EPA exam in locations nationwide.  To find a location near you or register to take the exam go to:
Four Exams are Offered:
• Type IV Universal Core
• Type I Small Appliance
• Type II High and Very High Pressure Appliance
• Type III Low Pressure Appliance
Cost for each of the 4 exams above is $65.00
If you don’t have a testing sponsor such as ACCA, you can download our Free EPA 608 Study Guide here with step by step instructions for scheduling an EPA 608 Exam.
You can purchase additional ACCA study materials here.
Follow these instructions from ACCA when registering for the exam:
Guide to Registering for ACCA’s EPA Test Via Prometric
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: In the box that reads “For Test Takers.” Select “Academic, Professional &
Licensure Certification, Government and Corporate”
Step 3: In the drop down menu, select “Air Conditioning Contractors of
Step 4: You are now in the ACCA main testing area. You will see four box
choices (Schedule, Locate, Reschedule or Confirm your test).
Step 5:
• Select ‘Locate A Test Site”
• Choose your country and state and click Next
• Now you are presented with a page listing general terms and conditions—
select Next.
• Select your choice of exam and click Next.
• A page then appears with all of the testing centers within that state that offer
the exam. Select “Schedule an Appointment” next to the test center of your
• To get a login and password, click under “Are You a New User?” Fill in
your contact information and disregard the testing ID question.
• Your email address will be your login and you can now create a password.
• Add a reminder question such as a name of a pet or the city of your birth
Step 6:
• A request for your credit card payment will follow
• You will soon then receive an emailed confirmation
If you have questions about this process please call Richard Ware at 703-824-8843
If you don’t have a job yet make sure you check the ACCA website for job listings.  ACCA contractors are the cream of the crop and represent the type of company you want to work for.


  1. will kelly says:

    I am a current student of wyotech of west sacramento ca, this book is awsome!, has everything i need know along with my books from school to get that universal certification, the sample questions are almost as simmilar to practice core tests from school, only difference is the wording of questions, but generally the same,this is some great info thank you very much!!!.

  2. Michael Glover says:

    Many people take the core and universal exam at the same sitting. That’s all you need for HVAC and Refrigeration except automotive.
    The book explains the number of questions and how to study.
    Go for it.

  3. Rich says:

    How long does the average person take to finish an exam. How many questions does each exam contain (type IV, I, II, III)? If someone has good study habits and practically memorizes the free online study guide including the practice questions/answers, is there a good chance he/she could pass all 4 exams? Is it possible for someone to sign up for and take all 4 exams at the same time at a testing site, paying $265.00 in one shot? If someone fails an exam, is a free re-take available? Thank you!

  4. Marjan says:

    i like this book,have to much for learning.Thank you.

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