Texas HVAC Training, Service Technician Registration

HVAC Training in Texas

Federal law requires EPA Certification

The state of Texas is moving toward formal HVAC Training and licensing of HVACR technicians. Currently registration is required and certification by testing is voluntary. Registration fee is $20. And the certification fee is $35.
Any tech that assists a licensed HVACR contractor in performing HVACR service/maintenance work must register.
In addition to registration the technician must have a permit to purchase refrigerant. The fee is $25. Get the form here: http://www.license.state.tx.us/acr/FORMS/acr023.pdf
What is HVAC Maintenance work? All maintenance, including repairs, required for operation of the environmental HVAC system, a process HVAC system, or a commercial refrigeration installation, or commercial refrigeration units.
Maintenance and repair does not include replacement of an instalation. It does not include work to install, start and test units in new construction.
You can apply for registration through the Internet. No test is required to obtain a registration. The law allows a registered technician who has HVAC Training and passed a qualifying test to receive a department certification. Certification is not mandatory for registration. All technicians must register.
Use this link to view approved HVAC Training examinations for certification through the “FAQ” on this website: http://www.license.state.tx.us/acr/acrfaq.htm

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