Connecticut HVAC License

HVAC Training Connecticut

HVAC Training Connecticut

HVAC Training in Connecticut

Federal law requires anyone using refrigerants to be EPA Certified.

Technicians must hold one of the following licenses.

  • Apprentice
  • D-2 HVACR Journeyperson
  • S-4 Limited HVAC & Piping Journeyperson
  • S-2 Unlimited HVAC & Piping Journeyperson

Apprentice applicants Contact:

Connecticut Department of Labor

Office of Apprenticeship Training

200 Folly Brook Blvd. Wethersfield, CT. 06109-1114

Telephone: (860) 860-263-6085, Fax: (860) 263-6088

If you have any questions to get registered, or to request a registration packet sent by Mail, please contact the office of Apprenticeship Training at (860) 263-6085 or e-mail:
If requesting a packet by email, be sure to include your name, phone number, address and zip code


Journeyperson applicants should contact PSI to obtain an application for approval to take the exam.
Experience requirement is completion of a registered apprenticeship program or equivalent experience.  PSI Examination Service (800) 733-9267

Each exam is $52. Trade exam only.  See application for study materials

HVAC Contractor License

  • D-3 Limited HVAC Contractor
  • D-1 Limited HVACR Contractor
  • S-3 Limited HVAC & Piping Contractor
  • S-1 Unlimited HVAC & Piping Contractor

 Contractor applicants should contact PSI to obtain an application for approval to take the exam.  See link above.  Two (2) years as a properly licensed journeyperson or equivalent experience is required.  Contractors must pass a trade exam and a business exam.

This examination is OPEN BOOK.

Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management, Connecticut, 4th Edition, National

Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA), Post Office Box 14941, Scottsdale, AZ 85267,

(623) 587-9519, Fax (623) 587-9625,

See the application for a list of technical reference study material.