HVAC Contractor License, Alabama, HVAC Training

HVAC Training in Alabama

Federal law requires EPA 608 Certicication


HVAC contractors in Alabama must hold a valid license.

Two license categories are available.  The exam fee is $150.00 each.

  • Heating and Air Conditioning License
  • Refrigeration License

Steps to obtain a license:

1. Hold an apprentice registration for 2 years or more,  OR  complete 3000 hours of coursework and experience, OR graduate from an approved HVAC Trade School.
2. Submit an Examination Application to State of Alabama including $150.00 fee along with:

  •  Affidavits that are signed and notarized by the employer(s) swearing that the applicant has worked in the HVAC industry for at least two years within the past five years, and all corresponding W-2 Forms from the employer(s); and/or
  • Copies of certificates showing that the applicant has attended at least 3000 hours of Heating and Air Conditioning educational training;
  • Or proof of graduation from an approved HVAC curriculum.

3.  The test is administered by computer at one of four PSI testing sites in Alabama.  The exam is open book covering building code and industry practices.You must answer 53 of the 80 questions correctly for a passing 66.25%.  You will be notified of pass/fail at the end of the exam.  You have 4 hours for the exam.

4.  After passing the exam, you must furnish a fifteen thousand dollar bond to the state.

We recommend that you purchase the books authorized by the State of Alabama and take one of the licensing preparation courses available.

Alabama Service Technician License Requirements, HVAC Training

Federal law requires EPA Certicication



Alabama does not require HVAC license for HVAC technicians, but an apprentice registration is available.

Technicians are only required to be 18 years of age.

Apprentice registration:

Registration is optional. You can fill out the form and pay $25.00 by credit card here: Sate of Alabama or print the form and mail it along with payment.

The appropriate EPA 608 Certification is required by federal law in all states.