Refrigeration School

Refrigeration School

There are not many schools that can be described strictly as a Refrigeration School.  Most technical schools or vocational schools, as they are sometimes described, are geared toward basic air conditioning.  These schools do cover the basics of refrigeration.

Most of the training in refrigeration is obtained by attending the Refrigeration School classes sponsored by the manufacturers of the specific piece of refrigeration equipment.

If your objective is to land a job in refrigeration, you should attend one of the vocational schools and gain all the basics and training that will apply to both Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.  When you have the basics down you can contact some of the manufacturers and inquire about attending some of their classes.  You will probably get hired on the spot for being an ambitious and aggressive student.

There are not nearly as many refrigeration contractors as there are air conditioning contractors.  Check with several contractors early on in your studies for guidance.  You will develop a relationship with these contractors and service agencies that will be hiring you when you graduate.  You can also inquire about any opportunities as a summer intern.

Most positions available after Refrigeration School will require you to obtain an EPA Certification.  This Certification is a Federal Requirement for anyone handling refrigerants.  We have an instant download for our EPA Study Guide.

Here are the steps:
• Get in school and learn the basics.
• Get EPA Certified
• Get an entry level job for a contractor or service provider
• Attend as many manufacturer sponsored schools and seminars as possible.
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