Refrigeration Courses

Refrigeration Courses

It is much more difficult to find Refrigeration Courses than it is to find air conditioning courses.   Both trades are based on the refrigerating effects from the utilization of the refrigeration cycle.  A basic  knowledge in refrigeration science is required before you can fully understand this business and the machines involved.

Refrigeration usually refers to the basic science of refrigeration or to the “Refrigeration Industry” including home and commercial refrigerators, ice making machines, walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers and many industrial refrigerating machines.  The refrigeration industry usually includes machines that are not designed to cool

We will include a list of courses below and update it frequently.  If you find courses you like please let us know so we can add them to the list.  We will have a list for free and paid courses.

Free Refrigeration Courses:

Paid Refrigeration Courses:

Check with the manufacturers of specific types of refrigeration equipment and the manufacturers for factory training.

If you are an entry level student, get the basics from a good community college or vocational school. Read some of the other articles on this site to gain insight into the industry.  Interview contractors and service providers in your area and ask their opinion on the best schools and Refrigeration Courses available.  These are the people who will eventually hire you.

Inquire about any apprentice and intern opportunities or refrigeration courses that might be available while you are attending school.

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