North Dakota HVAC License

HVAC Training North Dakota

HVAC Training North Dakota

HVAC Training in North Dakota

Federal  law requires an EPA 608 certification for anyone handling refrigerant.


HVAC techs are not required to hold a trade certification or license.

HVAC Contractors are not required to hold an HVAC license but are required to hold a contractors license for work over $2000.00.  This license is really just a business registration.

North Dakota offers the following license based on sales:

  • Class A $unlimited  Fee.  $300.00
  • Class B up to $250,000  Fee.  $200.00
  • Class C   up to $150.000 Fee.  $150.00
  • Class D up to $50,000  Fee.  $50

Steps to obtain a license:

  1. Make application to:    Secretary of State, State
    of North Dakota, 600 E Boulevard Ave Dept 108 Bismarck ND 58505-0500, Telephone 701-328-3665, Toll Free 800-352-0867
  2. Furnish liability insurance and workers compensation.

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