Nevada HVAC License

HVAC Training in Nevada

Federal law requires anyone using refrigerants to hold an EPA Certification.

Nevada does not require a state HVAC Journeyman license.

Check local city and county for requirements

Nevada HVAC Contractor License

How to obtain a Nevada Contractors License
1. You must be pre-approved to take the exam.  Obtain an application from the state licensing board.\  Include the non‐refundable $300.00 application fee. (A $600.00 biennial license fee will be required after passing the exams.
2. Requirements include four years of experience within the last ten years, fingerprinting, background check and bonds based on the size or your business.
3.  Obtain your study materials.  Two exams are required.  The general business and law or “CMS” exam is open book. You may use the Construction Business and Law Manual for Nevada.  Trade exams are closed book, with the exception of certain code references.  Only two books are allowed in the exam:  Uniform Mechanical Code, 2006,  Standard for National Fuel Gas Code, 2006,
4. The exams include 85 questions with a three hour time limit and 70% correct answers to pass.
5. Exams are administered by PSI  Exam fee is $130. For both exams

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