Massachusetts HVAC License

HVAC Training Massachusetts

HVAC Training Massachusetts

HVAC Training in Massachusetts

Federal law requires anyone handling refrigerants to be EPA Certified.

Massachusetts requires the following license for HVAC and Refrigeration over 10 tons:

  • Apprentice
  • Technician
  • Contractor


  1. Anyone working in the HVAC  refrigeration trade must have an apprentice license or better.  You must be 18, with a high school diploma or  better, be enrolled in trade school, submit an application with a photo and $40  application fee.
  2. Your  application must be accompanied by the Division of Apprentice Training Approval  Letter.


  1. This license  is required for technicians performing work over 10 tons.
  2. Meet the  requirements of the apprentice license, and submit a technician application
    with $75 application fee.
  3. Copy of CFC  Certification
  4. Document  6000 hours of apprentice experience.
  5. Provide  documentation of 100 hours refrigeration trade school and 150 hours Mass. electrical
  6. See the  application for alternate experience and training or testing to obtain a


  1. Anyone in the business of HVAC and refrigeration with or without employees is required to  hold a contractor’s license.
  2. Provide documentation of Refrigeration Technicians license with not less than 2,000 hours work experience
  3. Provide documentation for completion of 100 hours of advanced refrigeration theory AND 100 hours of Massachusetts electrical code training.
  4. Submit application  fee $150
  5. Schedule exam after  receiving application approval.


Contractor Application

License information

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