HVAC Training, Obtaining a Texas Air Conditioning Contractors License

HVAC Training for contractors in Texas is required to hold a license.  Property owners who maintain their own property are exempt from holding a contractor’s license.

Texas offers four license categories.

  • Class A.  Environmental Air Conditioning.  All capacity equipment
  • Class B. Environmental Air Conditioning.  25 ton equipment or less
  • Class A. + Refrigeration
  • Class B. + Refrigeration

Steps to obtain a license:


1. Apply with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

The Employment History of the application must be thoroughly completed. This should indicate HVAC Training, at least 36 months of  practical experience with the tools of the trade in the preceding 5 years. The license application fee is $115.

2.  Obtain experience verification forms from your employers and your HVAC Training . This form should be thoroughly completed by a person qualified to verify air conditioning and refrigeration experience for the applicant, and NOT be completed by the applicant.

3.  Purchase your HVAC Training study materials and/or preparation course

  • You need all 7 books for the exam

4. Texas has designated PSI as the testing agency

  • Contact PSI to schedule your License Exam
  • You will be given a test code by the Department of Licensing when approved

5. Take the Exam

  • NOTE: This is an open book exam
  • Requires 7 Books

6. Notify the Department of Licensing of your passing score, show proof of liability insurance, and pay license fee

7. We recommend an HVAC Training  prep course offered by Texas ACCA.  Pass rate for first time applicants is about 20% without taking a prep course.

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