EPA 608 Study Guide, Sample HVAC Test Questions


Due to increasing costs, we can no longer give away our study guide.  You can order it from Amazon on Kindle or get a pdf download here.

Just about everyone in the HVACR business will need to obtain an EPA Section 608 certification for handling refrigerants.  This certification is required by federal law under the “Clean Air Act” and is administered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refrigerant recovery and recycling program.

All technicians need to take the HVAC Test and obtain a certification for the type of equipment they will be working on.

  • Type I:  Small appliances containing less than 5 pounds of refrigerant.  Refrigerators, window AC units etc.
  • Type II:  This certification is the one most HVACR techs will need.
  • Type III:  This certification is for low pressure systems and need by technicians working on very large chillers.
  • Universal:  This certification covers all Section 608 categories but does not cover section 609 automotive air conditioning.

There are four exams for the HVAC Test that can be taken separately or all at one time.  To be certified you must take the core and at least one of the other exams.

  • Core:  Required for all certification types
  • Type I Small appliances
  • Type II: High pressure Appliances
  • Type III: Low Pressure Appliances

You will also need to study and become familiar with HVACR basics to understand the materials and possibly take a state mandated HVAC Test to become a licensed technician.

Study for you first HVAC Test by downloading our Free EPA Study Guide with sample exam questions.


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    Leo…Read our latest post “HVAC Jobs…Great Outlook”. There will be many new jobs in HVACR for techs with solid basic training.

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