HVAC Schools

HVAC Schools

When you are ready to start your formal HVAC education selecting one of the local HVAC Schools is your next step.  The selection of a school will be determined by your location.  If you are in a major metropolitan area you will have multiple choices.  We recommend a community college over one of the commercial trade schools.

First check the yellow pages for a list of the available schools.  Call the local community colleges and get a schedule of classes.  You will want to work at the trade as much as possible while attending classes, so you can apply what you learn in actual conditions.  Also consider travel time from work and your residence.  Commuting time is also no small consideration in many areas.

If a commercial trade school is your only choice, consider the cost and how you will repay any loans.  Pay as you go if you can.  Don’t rely on these schools for job placement.  See our article on finding a job.

You can also get the basics on-line or by going the self study route, if you don’t have any formal classroom options.

Your goal while attending one of these HVAC Schools is to obtain NATE Certification and EPA Certification.

  • NATE is the most recognized HVAC Certification available for technical knowledge.  NATE is recognized by quuality HVAC Contractors and is important when you are landing a job.
  •  EPA Certification is required by federal law for anyone who uses refrigerants.  You can also get our EPA Study Guide.”

HVAC Schools vary in quality and the courses they offer.  Find out what is available in your area; pick the school that will get you NATE Certified as soon as possible at the lowest cost.  Complete your education with on-the-job-training.

Good luck and check back with us frequently.

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