HVAC School

HVAC School

Going to HVAC School?

When you decide to enroll in a certified HVAC institution to begin your HVAC Profession exactly what should you be prepared for?

Community College, Assoc.Degree

If your selection is one of the two year associate’s diplomas from a local community college or junior college, your courses and subjects will probably be comparable to various other technical curriculum. Credits could transfer to a four year school and could include around twenty courses with sixty credits. Classes may consist of classroom theory as well as hands-on labs including:

  • General Studies
  • HVAC Courses, air distribution, control systems, thermodynamics and psychometrics.
  • Electives

HVAC Trade School, Vocational School

Trade schools may range from a two week program to two years.

Programs might typically consist of:

  • Mechanical Principals, thermodynamics.
  • Residential Air Conditioning
  • Advanced AC Methods
  • Refrigeration
  • Troubleshooting

Always check with area companies you plan to interview with and inquire regarding any heating and air conditioning school you plan to enroll in.

Courses are usually offered nights, although they will necessitate a lengthier time period to finish.

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  1. cory walker says:

    I am looking for a HVAC program to get into and im inquiring info for schools in the Richmond,Va. area. Trade school or Community college.

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