HVAC License

HVAC License

HVAC Technician License

The requirement for an HVAC License will vary from state to state.  Many states do not require a technician to be licensed however some cities and counties also require a license.  Check our state by state HVAC License directory for your state.  (see column to right)

Technicians or anyone using or purchasing refrigerants must have an EPA 608 Certification.  This is a federal law and the closest thing to a national license.  It’s a good idea to get your EPA Certification as early in your career as possible. 

HVAC Contractor License

Most states, but not all, require an HVAC Contractor to be licensed.  Check our license directory in the right-hand column, for your state.  It’s a good career strategy to have a contractor’s license.  In most states it is not legal for you to do HVAC work for a homeowner or commercial customer unless you have a contractor’s license or work for a licensed contractor.

Requirement to obtain a contractor’s license vary.  Following are some common requirements:
• Four years recent documented experience working for a licensed contractor
• Pass a business exam covering state laws
• Pass a technical exam covering building codes
• Clean criminal history
• Insurance or bond

Many states offer multiple levels of licensing.  Residential/commercial or large systems/small systems:
• Class A as an example would allow the contractor to work on everything
• Class B would allow the contractor to work on systems of 25 tons or less.

The current trend is toward more regulation and that means more states will adopt HVAC License laws.  Get a head start and obtain the credentials to get licensed early.

Make sure and check your city, county and state for HVAC License requirements.


  1. john says:

    i know of a company that works on small applaliances and air conditions and there techs have no licence wat should i do.they are in batonrouge la

  2. admin says:

    Florida, Texas and California are the big three.

  3. Hugo C says:

    Which State Offers More HVAC Work?

    Need Some Help With This Question

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