HVAC Jobs Descriptions

HVAC Job Descriptions

The HVAC industry has two major segments with different skills required.

HVAC Job Descriptions in the Service Replacement segment (which is a retail business) all require good customer skills.  The customers are homeowners or small business establishments.  This Service and Replacement segment operates as a retail business with constant customer contact.  If you enjoy customer contact and a predictable workload environment, the Service Replacement segment is for you.  In retail you need good people skills and you will need additional retail training in order to maximize your earnings.

HVAC Job Descriptions in the New Construction segment is defined by its customers which are builders and general contractors.  New construction is a wholesale business.  HVAC new construction workers have little customer contact.  The construction industry operates in a boom / bust cycle.  If you don’t enjoy working directly with customers and don’t mind the volatility of the boom / bust cycle, HVAC New Construction may be for you.

This site focuses on the HVAC Retail, Service Replacement segment of the HVAC business.

The basic entry level positions are listed below.  All positions except the helper position require formal classroom or online HVAC Training.  Some of the positions will require apprentice training and on-the-job training.  Click on the links to see HVAC job descriptions for these positions.


Precision Tune-Up Specialist (PTS)

Service/Repair Technician


If you are begining your HVAC career or are entry level, you will need an EPA Certification in order to handle refrigerants.  

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