If you are looking for information on the HVAC Exam, you need to sharpen your search on the particular exam you need.

Following are some of the HVAC Exam requirements that are typical.
• The EPA 608 Certification exam.  This exam and certification are required by federal law and taking the HVAC Exam to obtain a certification is required for anyone who plans to purchase or use refrigerants.

Free EPA Study Guide, HVAC Exam

• If you are looking for an HVAC Exam to obtain a service tech certification, check the state requirements here.  Most states do not require technicians to be certified or licensed, but there are a few that do.
• Most states require independent contractors to obtain a State License and you will need to take an HVAC Exam that will typically test your knowledge on the building code, business and business law and technical knowledge.  We cover the requirements for all 50 states here.
• In some states that do not require state tech license or contractor’s license, your local county or city may administer an HVAC Exam for tech certification or contractor licensing.  Check with your local city or county to identify any requirements.
The common requirements where an HVAC Exam is required are as follows:
• Apprentice.  A few states and cities and most local union halls offer apprentice programs.  You will need a GED or high school diploma; a clean criminal history, pass a drug test and pay the fees.  Apprenticeship is usually a 2 year + program.
• Journeyman.  To obtain a journeyman certification you will be required to meet the apprenticeship requirements listed above plus have 2 years + experience and a trade school certificate.  Requirements vary.  A few states require that you take the HVAC Exam, other require registration.
• Master.  A Master technician must meet the Journeyman requirements plus typically have four years experience.
• HVAC Contractor.  Contractor’s license requirements usually include a residential or limited license allowing the contractor to work on systems of 25 tons or less.  An HVAC Exam and business law exam is usually required along with four years experience.  An unlimeted Contractor license is usually offered by passing an additional exam.

Good luck with your HVAC Exam.


  1. Michael Glover says:

    You can get the apprentice license by passing the test.
    Apprentice HVAC Application: https://www.dllr.state.md.us/cgi-bin/ElectronicLicensing/HVAC/HVACapprentice1.cgi
    Fee is $10

  2. Daniel Herrell says:

    I currently work under a master tech. This Feb. 8 2012 will be the start of 4 years. I would like to obtain the required license for the state of Maryland. Could I study and take the journey man test since I have over the hours and years experience needed? I currently do not hold an apprenticeship card. What must I do to better myself in the Hvac field? Could I apply for my apprenticeship license and take the journey man test since i have the required on job training?

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