HVAC Degree

HVAC Degree

Bachelor Degree

A few schools offer a Bachelors HVAC Degree.  Most students who seek a Bachelors Degree in HVAC enter one of the 4 year Mechanical Engineering Schools.  The classes in HVAC are limited at most of these schools.  An exception is Ferris State University that does offer multiple courses specializing in HVAC and these courses contribute to a bachelor’s degree.

Associates Degree

A Two year Associates Degree is common for students planning on an entry level position as a field technician.  These degrees are typically offered by Community Colleges and are common in most major cities.
The associate degree focuses on the technical aspects of HVAC.  Topics such as air flow, controls, standards, safety, electrical and electronics are included in required coursework.  Troubleshooting and the use of instruments and tools necessary in the trade are a major part of the curriculum.  Many of the classes are held in a lab so the student can get hands-on experience.

The two year programs usually require the student to have a GED or High School Diploma.  No prior experience is usually required.  College entry exams are not normally required.
Two year HVAC Degrees will also include general coursework in math, natural science, English and some social sciences.

Vocation schools offer some HVAC Degree programs. Read some of the other articles on this site for more information.

An EPA Certification is required if you plan to purchase or handle refrigerants.  Download our Free EPA Certification Study Guide and sample test questions here.

Many students make the mistake of borrowing heavily to finance their education.  If you have to borrow and repay the loan later, we suggest you get a job in the industry first.  You can self study or work you way through school.

Good luck with your new career.


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