HVAC Classes

HVAC Classes

If you need a structured classroom setting to learn, by all means find a community college or vocational school and enroll in HVAC Classes.  If you are a good self study you may be able to learn the basics much faster by purchasing the textbooks and learning the basics at your own pace.  See our recommended books here.

You will need an experienced tutor for some subjects.  An example is brazing, welding and soldering.  The first step is to study the safety manuals, then learn the skill.  This is a skill that is best learned by doing with an experienced teacher.

Where can you learn to braze, solder and weld?

• Check with a local welding supplies store.  They may have HVAC classes for brazing
• If you know someone in the industry, ask them to mentor you
• Organizations such as RSES have classes in some areas
• Contractor organizations such as ACCA have classes in some locations

Even if you enroll a complete program in HVACR at a community college or Vocational school, on the job training and field experience is essential before you will be ready make the big bucks and install or service an AC system.
There are hundreds and thousands of different brands and configurations of systems.  HVAC Classes can’t prepare you for this.  Field experience is essential.

As we recommend in many of our articles, do some research and locate the best HVACR companies in your area.  Call or go visit and tell them you are preparing to enter the industry.  Get their recommendation for HVAC Classes in your area.

Also ask these companies if they hire interns in the summer, between classes.  The best on-the-job-training is obtained by attending class and then using what you have learned on-the-job.

Everyone in the business must have HVAC Classes or self tutoring to obtain an EPA Certification.  Download our EPA Study Guide

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