HVAC Certified (EPA)

HVAC Certified

Becoming HVAC Certified is more important every year.  Most of the old timers don’t have certifications because certifications were not offered until recently, however many of the best HVACR Contractors have started requiring NATE Certification, in recent years.  Don’t be surprised if your company starts requiring certification for new hires, within six months of your hire date.  The smart move is to get HVAC Certified as soon as you can.

NATE is by far the most recognized organization to make it possible to become HVAC Certified.  Obtaining a National Professional certification gives the technician more credibility and can significantly shorten the hiring process.

There are currently no national Certifications required (other than EPA 608 Certification) and there are only a few states that currently require certification.  See our state by state listing in the sidebar to see if your state has any certification requirements for technicians.

Most states now require independent contractors to be certified or licensed.  Some cities and counties require you to be HVAC Certified.

Federal law does require all technicians or persons using or purchasing refrigerants to be EPA Certified. Download our EPA Study Guide $9.95

Typical HVAC certification requires two to three years verified experience and passing an exam. You can review the certifications offered by NATE and HVAC Excellence on the following websites:

More states requiring HVAC Certification is coming as long as the current trend toward more regulation continues.


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