HVAC Certification

HVAC Certification

There are no standard HVAC Certification programs. Every state and city may have different requirements. The following information will be helpful in understanding the terminology you may encounter.

EPA 608 Certification is a federal law administered by the Environmental Protection Agency requiring anyone purchasing or handling refrigerants to pass an exam demonstrating their knowledge of the law and it’s requirements. This is a one-time certification. Since virtually everyone in the HVAC industry will handle refrigerants, this may be a good place to start. Download our Free EPA Study Guide to get started.

HVAC Certification may also refer to NATE Certification. NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence. This group administers testing programs and certifications for specific technical areas. Many companies require their techs to become NATE Certified within a limited time frame after being hired. You will want to become NATE Certified as you advance in your career.

The best training, if you have the time and money, is to attend a two year technical colledge and earn an associates degree in HVAC. A solid foundation in the basics will be necessary to advance quickly in your HVAC career. Ask us about a recommendation in your area if you decide to take this route. You will need the resources to pay your way while attending school or you can attend night classes in many schools. Never enroll in a class without talking to us or several HVAC contractors first.

You can also earn a reasonable wage while you learn the basics and become an apprentice or find an entry level position as a Precision Tune-up Specialist (PTS). Not all company’s use apprentice or PTS, so you will have to call around or get a recommendation.

Self study on your own is also an option. You will find free resources and assistance on this site.

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    I was looking into taking the online Hvac course from pennfoster is this a good idea in getting certified

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