HVAC Careers

HVAC Careers

HVAC Careers are included in the 50 Best Jobs for 2011

HVAC service tech and Installation tech jobs are among the 50 jobs listed by the Labor Department for rapid growth.  Job growth is expected to increase twenty eight percent and 86,600 jobs over the next ten years.  When retirement of existing workers is included the industry will need more than 50,000 new workers each year.

When choosing a career or any other business venture, growing demand is one of the most important factors to include in your list of requirements.  Growing demand also usually translates into increasing compensation.

The past decade saw massive growth in new home construction as well as commercial construction.  The HVAC systems in these buildings have a useful life of 12 to 14 years according to ASHRAE, the Association of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers.  This means the hottest growth positions will be in the service, repair and replacement segment of the HVAC industry.

Candidates for these positions need a good understanding of the fundamentals and basics for the technologies involved.  These technologies include electrical power and controls, solid state devices, the refrigeration cycle and properties of air.  Safety training and regulatory knowledge such as EPA 608 certification for use of refrigerants is required.  Use of computers is also one of today’s requirements.

Knowledge in the area of energy efficiency and environmental impact is a growing requirement.

Skills must also be acquired in the use of instruments, welding and soldering of pipes and other pipe fitting skills among others.

This site will guide you, with free materials, through the process of gaining the knowledge and skills to claim one of these new HVAC Careers.

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