HVAC Books (Technical)

HVAC Books

HVAC Training is a complex and complicated subject.  You will want to build a technical library of HVAC Books to learn the basics and for future reference throughout your career.

Following are books we recommend:

• EPA Study Guide.  Federal law required anyone purchasing or using refrigerants to be EPA Certified.  Get the study manual and sample test questions EPA Study
• Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.  This is the book used in many basic HVAC refrigeration courses.  About $75.00
• A tool available from book stores is the Ductulator, $15.00.  This is a cardboard calculator used to determine the proper size of air duct.  This tool is also available from AC unit manufacturers.  ACCA also has a smart phone APP.
• ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals.  This is the most in depth book available for HVAC basics and fundamentals.  About $200.00 also available on CD.  There are also ASHRAE Manuals on Systems, Equipment and Applications.  The whole set on CD is about $500.
• International Mechanical Code.  This is one of the building code books that determine the requirements for installing air conditioning systems.  You should also own your local state code book.
• International Fuel Gas Code.  This reference governs installing gas fired equipment including boilers and furnaces.
• OSHA, Code of Federal Regulations – Title 29, Part 1926.  This is your safety reference book
• Carrier System Design Manual – Part III; Piping Design.  This is the most accepted reference for refrigerant pipe design.
• HVAC Duct Construction Standards-Metal and Flexible 2005
• Ugly’s Electrical Reference
• ACCA Manual J -8th Ed. Residential Load Calculation
• ACCA Manual D, Duct sizing
• ACCA Manual P, Psychometrics Theory and Applications
• ACCA Manual CS, Commercial applications
• IPT’s Pipe Trades Handbook, Robert A. Lee, 1991

There are hundreds of other great HVAC Books out there.  You should own the books listed here first.

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