HVAC Apprenticeship

HVAC Apprenticeship

One of the paths to HVAC Training or Refrigeration Training is through HVAC Apprenticeship.  Other methods include traditional HVACR Trade Schools and On the Job Training.  Apprenticeship is typically a combination of
classroom training and OJT, on the jobtraining.

Unions have used HVAC apprenticeship almost exclusively for training new technicians.  Most unions in the mechanical trades however evolved from the plumbing trade and don’t have extensive HVACR training.

Some State governments have HVAC Apprenticeship programs and some even require entry level techs to enroll in apprentice programs and register for an Apprentice License.  HVAC Apprentice License is required to work in the trade, in a few states.  Check your state or browse through the state by state requirements on this site to locate some of these states.

We believe that a combination of classroom training, self study and on the job training is the fastest way to becoming a competent HVACR tech and landing a high paying HVAC Job. If your state doesn’t offer an HVAC Apprenticeship Program, enroll in a good HVAC Trade School and start contacting local AC Contractors for part time or full time employment.

You will need an EPA Certificate


  1. Michael Glover says:

    Call the local union office for the plumbers and pipefitters. They also have apprentice programs for HVAC

  2. Davon says:

    lokking for hvac appentice close to lawrence ks

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