Free EPA 608 Type 1, Not For AC Service

You will see many websites offering Free EPA 608 Type 1 study guides and certification tests online. This certification is useless for the HVAC technician. Type 1 is limited to appliances containing 5 pounds or less of refrigerant. This certification is for household type refrigerators, freezers and window AC units.

In order to purchase refrigerant for stationary air conditioners you must hold a Type 2 or universal certification. Type 2 covers high pressure systems which include most modern air conditioners except the large low pressure chillers found in high rise buildings and covered by Type 3. High pressure air conditioners most use refrigerants such as R22 or R410A.

In order to service larger commercial refrigeration systems such as walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers and grocery store display cases you need a type 2 or universal certification.

Universal Certification covers Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. All certifications require that you pass a basic “core” exam that includes information common to all the exams.

If you are certified in section 608, you can only purchase regulated refrigerants in 20 pound containers or larger.

EPA does not require separate certification for the newer and higher pressure refrigerants such as R410A. Certification is offered by some companies, but is not required.

EPA does not require certification in “Indoor Air Quality” or “green” or “PM” technology.

Section 609 of the EPA regulations covers automotive refrigerants. If you plan to service automotive air conditioning, you will need a section 609 certification. Under this program you can purchase regulated refrigerants in containers under 20 pounds.

Exams for type 2, 3 or universal cannot be taken online.

Good luck with your EPA Certification and welcome to the HVAC industry!

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