EPA Refrigerant Certification

EPA Refrigerant Certification

If you want to earn the highest possible income in your HVAC career, at some point you will need to become EPA Certified to purchase and handle refrigerants.  This is a great place to begin your education.  You can get a taste for the technical side of the business and obtain a valuable EPA Refrigerant Certification that you can use from now on.

The cost is not excessive and you can do most of your studying on-line or at home using our Free EPA Refrigerant Certification Study Guide.  If you have any difficulties, email or leave a comment on this site and we will try and help you.

The EPA Refrigerant Certification Transition and Recovery Program issues certifications as specified by Section 608 of the Clean Air Act.

For air conditioning you will need a Type II or Universal Certification.

  • Type I … Small Appliances
  • Type II … High Pressure and very High Pressure Appliances
  • Type III … Low Pressure Appliances
  • Universal … Type I,II, and III

Warning …. You may find that the subject matter is overwhelming.  Getting this certification is mainly memorization of the material.  As you study this material, Google the things you don’t understand to gain some insight.  Study at your own pace.  By the time you get your certification, you will know if becoming an HVAC Professional is for you.



  1. Michael Glover says:

    There are no federal qualifications. Anyone that can pas the exam can be certified.

  2. Homero says:

    i don’t have ged or hig school diploma, is tha a problem for the certification

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