EPA 608 Certification

EPA 608 Certification

The United States government mandates that every person, who accesses a system or containers storing a managed refrigerant obtain EPA 608 Certification. People that operate fixed equipment or even utilize refrigerant made for these types of systems may become licensed by passing a proctored EPA 608 Certification assessment. Applicants for this examination can be licensed in all three groups in addition the Universal certification.

• CORE – To successfully complete any EPA 608 Certification, an applicant will have to complete the CORE portion of the exam in addition one of the several technician versions listed further down. As soon as CORE is passed it doesn’t have to be taken over again and it can be utilized for added EPA types.

Following are the EPA 608 Certification Types

• Type I – A Type I mechanic generally will work on small equipment which includes household refrigerators, window air conditioning units, PTAC’s as well as snack machines.

• Type II – A Type II specialist generally works on products utilizing high-pressure refrigerant including HCFC-22. The products consists of household air conditioning units as well as heat pumps, grocery store refrigeration and process refrigeration.

• Type III – A Type III mechanic generally will work with products employing a low-pressure refrigerant including HCFC-123 or CFC-11. The products tend to be chillers.

• Universal – All applicants passing these EPA types Type I, Type II or Type III can be licensed as UNIVERSAL.

The exam is split into four divisions, CORE, Type I, Type II and Type III. Every examination section includes 25 multiple-choice questions extracted from a group of examination questions supplied by the EPA. Questions concerning apparatus rules, safety, transport and identifying refrigerants show up in all examination section, making it vital that you understand this material very well. Numerous variations of the examination are given simultaneously giving unique questions.

A passing score of seventy percent, or eighteen out of twenty five must be correctly answered to become licensed. With regard to Type I certification exams utilizing the mail-in or on-line structure, passing score will be eightyfour percent. Every segment is scored separately, so a technician might pass CORE, Type I and Type III and fail Type II. In such cases the technician will be licensed as a Type I & Type III specialist. CORE should be passed to obtain any accreditation. All portions need to be passed to have Universal Technician standing.

A technician might want to acquire CORE in addition any combination of Type I, Type II or Type III. It isn’t mandatory to have all 4 areas on the test, nonetheless, much of this content coming from section to section corelates back to CORE material, therefore as soon as the CORE material is acquired, reviewing for the additional segments is much simpler.


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