Arizona Air Conditioning License, HVAC Training

HVAC Training in Arizona

Federal law requires EPA 608 Certification


Arizona does not require an HVAC technician license, registration or HVAC Training.

Arizona offers multiple contractors’ license.  The primary license categories are.

  •       K39  Dual Residential/Coml. AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION

Steps to obtain a license:

  1. Obtain and fully review the license application.
  2. Make sure you can satisfy the requirements including 4 years of trade experience and net worth and working capital requirements from a CPA.
  3. Obtain the study materials required for the business exam. Take an exam preparation course if possible.
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    • State of Arizona OSHA, Safety and Health Standards for
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      (29 CFR Part 1926), 2007, Arizona Industrial Commission,
      Division of Occupational Safety & Health, Industrial Commission of Arizona,
      P.O. Box 19070, Phoenix, AZ 85005-9070,
    • Statutes, February 2007 Edition, Arizona Registrar of
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    • Arizona Construction Management Guide, Builder’s
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  4. Contact Prometric and take the exam.  $63.00
  5. Obtain the study materials and take the trade exam or exams.  Exam is 4 hours.
  6. Complete the application and submit to the state.  Include:
    1. a.   Bond.  Amount based on you sales volume
    2. b.   Consumer bond or $450. Fee if you are applying to do residential work.
    3. c.   Arizona tax number
    4. d.   2 year license fee. Residential $320.00, Coml. $645.00, Dual $1125.00

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