Alaska HVAC License

HVAC Training in Alaska

Alaska does not require HVAC Technicians to be licensed.

Check you city and  county for local requirements.

Federal law requires technicians handling refrigerants to hold an EPA Certification.


Complete the application and  experience forms:

Include the $50.00 nonrefundable application fee.  The license fee is $250.00

Residential HVAC Administrator

Requirements include experience as a journeyman in residential HVAC work for at least two of the four years immediately preceding the date of the application.

 Unlimited HVAC Administrator

Requirements include experience as a journeyman in HVAC and sheet metal work for at least four of the six years immediately before the date of the application.  4 years as a manager.  A degreed or registered engineer plus 1 year  management experience will also qualify.

Schedule your exams at Prometric:

Books allowed during the exam.

 Alaska Mechanical Administrators Statutes and Regulations, July 2005,

Alaska Department of Commerce,  International Mechanical Code, 2006  Edition

NFPA 31 – Standard for the Installation of Oil Burning Equipment, 2006 Edition

NFPA 54 – National Fuel Gas Code, 2006 Edition

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