Air Conditioning School

Air Conditioning School

Air conditioning is a broad area of study.  Choosing an Air Conditioning School is much like choosing a degree plan in college.  You need to select your major or the job position fairly early on, but there are so many basics to get started, you can wait to make the final decision, after you have taken some of the basics.

What are the basics?
• Almost all of the current technology is based on the refrigeration cycle using a refrigerant liquid, evaporation to a gas, a compressor and condenser to complete the cycle.  This is basic refrigeration
• Since many of the refrigeration components are driven by or controlled by electricity, basic electrical must be part of your course of study.
• The cool or warm air produced in the refrigeration cycle is moved to where it is needed by air or water through ducts and pipes.  The fundamentals of air and water movement including fans and pumps must be understood.
• Federal regulations require many workers in the HVACR industry to obtain environmental training in order to purchase and apply refrigerant gases.  These regulations are managed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

An EPA Section 608 Certification is awarded after successfully completing the exam.  We have a study guide and sample exam questions available. If your target job is providing installation, maintenance or repair of HVACR systems you will most likely attend a vocational school with a duration of a few months or a community college for a two year Associate Degree.  The length of study will depend on how intense the training is and how thorough the subject is covered.

If your target job requires an engineering degree you will need to attend a four year Air Conditioning School and obtain a Mechanical Engineering Degree.

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