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Welcome to HVAC Jobs Training! We include all the things you need to help make your life less complicated as you start your career in the HVAC field. You will find the education requirements for your state, a step-by-step employment procedure, prospective employers and job interview help to get you hired. These are a few of the beneficial things you will find right here.


Congratulations for your choice to begin your career in the HVAC Industry!

You’re stepping into a business that’s in great demand, so your likelihood of finding a employment as a technition will be more than rewarding! We’re here to help make the procedure as simple and as smooth as it can be for you.

We realize that there’s a lot of material out there on the web about how to become an HVAC technician, however not all of it is structured and simple to learn. We’re breaking everything down to suit your needs in an simple to follow, step-by-step procedure to get you started as quickly as possible.

How to become a HVAC TECH

The first of all you need to decide; is learning to be a HVAC Tech for me? It’s not for everyone, it would be a waste to undergo all of the essential training and then discover that it’s not a good match for you.

To get an idea of what’s required, read the job description.

Next, understand that what’s needed to become a HVAC Tech, may vary from one state to another. A few states require training before you apply, while some don’t require any kind of special training and you may apply immediately.


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  1. Mike Glover says:

    Check the State by State tab on the Nav. bar for this website

  2. Mike Glover says:

    You should get a CEM (Certified Energy Manger) or LEED certification. You can Google those terms

  3. josh b says:

    I understand how to get hvac traing, but how to you get the traing for the more modernized systems and the so called (greener)systems? also, is there anoother career or trade that would go hand in hand with a hvac tech, so i could further this career even more…maybe elctro tech, electric engineer etc. thanks.

  4. Michael Glover says:

    Good luck with your exam. Let us know how it goes?

  5. Rick McClain says:

    I got the 608 Study Guide. Thanks for your help !

  6. Scott says:

    Does anyone know which courses are approved as “advanced” refrigeration theory in Massachusetts? As for the Electrical, do you just take the same course twice? Its not very descriptive as to what I can and can’t do.

  7. Michael Glover says:

    The Study Guide file type is PDF. Download a free copy of the Adobe pdf reader from the Adobe website.

  8. eddie devlin says:


  9. Greg Hawkin says:

    As an HVAC technician, I really appreciate people like yourselves putting this information online. I wasn’t sure that HVAC was for me, but have bee working at Titanic Controls and have been loving it! Thank you and keep sharing HVAC info!

  10. Jason Mabe says:

    Are businesses allowed to sell HVAC Systems without an EPA certification. I need a contact phone number for the purpose of reporting a company in my local area that are quoting and selling to general contractors. These contractors do not hold the EPA certification license.

  11. admin says:

    Check with your local ACR supply house. If they don’t offer a test you might look at the http://www.acca.org website

  12. Ed Martin says:

    Where do I go to take the tests for section 608? I live in Havana, Illinois

  13. Ed Martin says:

    Where do I go to take the tests for section 608? I live in Havana, Illinoil.

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